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"I am constantly empowered by the beauty and uniqueness of nature, how we interact with it and my role as an artist in portraying it's awe-inspiring properties"

As an Artist, we see things differently, whether it be our environments, relationships, context, place in the world or simply how we view things. 

I have always been inquisitive about nature, growing up on property in the Byron hinterland my sister and I would always be exploring the fields, creeks and the rivers of Eltham, NSW. Often playing or adventuring, I always felt a sense of peace, residing in me, It was home. 


My deep love and connection with nature lead me to explore my relationship further, delving into fluxes, communication with nature and its ability to ground us, keep us at peace and make us feel loved.  Its calming waters, painted sunset skies and warmth from beneath the soil is so powerful it sometimes brings me to tears. 

To try and describe how this makes me feel I paint places that make me feel loved, warm and safe; my home, the Australian landscape. Its raw beauty is ever fascinating and changes like the wind. Each environment is diverse and unique as it holds the flora and fauna that resides in it. Like the animals and plants in these habitats we grow and flourish from the nutrition and safety of mother nature, knowing nature has all of the elements to embrace and hold lives. 

It is my passion to bring to light how nature can make us feel loved, safe and nurtured. To bring awareness to the beauty and awe of the untouched Australian landscape. whilst touching on the ideas of neglect, miss-use and disturbance of the human race on our planet. 

As we become more disconnected to nature than ever, it is imperative to conserve and observe the natural state of our Land, including the animals and the plants that reside here. When you start to listen in and actively think about your impact and connection with nature you begin to understand its vitality in our survival as well as every living organism on earth, with earth being a miracle of life giving elements and habitats. 

My practice. 

To best portray the bold and raw colours of the Australian landscape I use oil paints as I have found their quality and properties to result in highly rendered  and sophisticated  textural works of art. 

My watercolour paintings have a different feel as the flow and create softer finishes, when painting my three meter Australian landscape they were the perfect medium to adhere the different landscapes together. 

Having completed a Diploma of arts I have learnt many disciplines, techniques and material practices such ceramics, sculpture of  many materials, drawing, experimental painting, Art history and Painting with many different styles and  material choices. 

My multidisciplinary practise has allowed me to find my unique style and  be versatile in the art world as a practicing artist, gaining knowledge constantly and making it easily accessable for clients to choose their choice of materials. 



Diploma of Arts, TAFE 





2019, 2020, 2023

TAFE exhibition; Lismore, Murwillumbah


The Arch gallery, Lismore; "Reflections of our home land"

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